What We're Covering

Welcome! I'm glad you're here. Of all my workshops, webinars, and courses, Dashboard Design is quickly becoming the most popular. We'll design a dozen dashboards together from scratch. Here's what to expect.

Best Practices and Hands-On Practice: We'll talk about data visualization and dashboard design principles, but there's also a huge focus on how-to skills. You can expect your spreadsheet skills to go from 0 to 60 almost overnight.

Static (Not Interactive) Dashboards: We're building static dashboards that live entirely in Excel (I'm not going to waste your time and make you copy and paste numbers into Word or PowerPoint). We'll touch briefly on best practices for designing interactive dashboards, but this course is really all about static one-pagers. Interactive dashboards require a huge time investment from your audience--busy leaders don't always have the luxury of sitting down, exploring, and playing with interactive displays. Save their time. Email them a great-looking summary. Bring a beautiful, printed one-pager to your next meeting. Your audience will thank you.

Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, and Google Sheets: All my demos are in Excel 2016 on a PC. But you don't have to use a PC. You don't even have to use Excel! Both the best practices and the software how-tos are transferable to any spreadsheet program--you can create almost the exact same dashboards in Google Sheets and Numbers, too!

What You'll Create: A dozen of these!