Simple Spreadsheets (Full Course)

Data Analysis Techniques, Spreadsheet Formulas, and Time-Savers for Busy Number-Crunchers

Ever feel like you’re swimming upstream in data?

Need to make sense of spreadsheets, but not sure where to start?

Have a gut feeling that you’re not getting the most out of your data?

Spreadsheets aren’t just for statisticians, accountants, and economists. These days, most of us are using spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers for all types of projects at our jobs. Spreadsheets are massively powerful tools, and chances are, no matter what you’re working on, there’s a faster and easier way to get it done.

In this course, I’ll share my favorite techniques for saving your precious time and energy. We’ll cover beginner, intermediate, and advanced number-crunching skills from vlookup to pivot tables. We'll even cover basic data visualization skills, like designing new graphs and exporting them into other programs like Word or PowerPoint.

You’ll be on your way from spreadsheet stress to superstardom in no time.

What's New for 2020

Live Office Hours sessions, new modules, lifetime access, & more.

What's included in this course?

I'm going to transform you into the analytics hero that your organization needs. Here's what's included to make that happen.

How is this similar to your other courses?

The skills you build in each course are complementary, but not overlapping.

Your Instructor

Ann K. Emery
Ann K. Emery

Each year, I lead dozens of in-person workshops for thousands of people. My online courses bring those skills to you, too.

Depict Data Studio also consults to the United Nations, State Department, and Centers for Disease Control, plus dozens more foundations, nonprofits, film companies, banks, hospitals, and universities worldwide.

Your data deserves to be out in the world--actionable, talked about, used--not gathering dust in spreadsheets.

3,312+ participants from around the globe

have already taken the leap into better reports, slideshows, dashboards, and infographics.

This is a full length course. We have mini and full-length courses available on data analysis, data visualization, dashboards, and slideshows.

Course Curriculum

  Format, Clean, and Recode the Data: Categorize Values
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  Bonus! The Excel Test
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  Bonus! How to Enter Cleaner Data
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  Next Steps
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What does an online course look like inside?

I talk with you like a real person, not a monotone robot reading off a boring script.

"While I was taking Ann Emery’s course, I was given a large dataset that required hundreds of VLOOKUPs. Her mention of using F4 saved me multiple hours that would have been lost in manually inserting four dollar signs in each lookup. It is this type of time-saving tip that made her course most valuable for me. Even after using Excel professionally for 18 years, I learned more efficient ways to do almost everything that I’ve been doing, and plenty of new skills too. Now that the course is finished, what I value most is having a one-stop shop for Excel tips. No more google searching – I just go back to the course and refresh my memory with Ann’s short and to-the-point videos."

- Kristen Degan, Senior Associate - Monitoring and Evaluation, Sharp Insight, LLC

"The Simple Spreadsheets course provides the necessary skills for working professionals who need a solid understanding of data analysis in Excel, but don't have the time or desire for an overly technical course. This course is designed with users in mind, especially those with limited exposure or comfort with Excel. However, as someone who is quite comfortable working in Excel, I benefited from learning Ann's tips and tricks for organizing my spreadsheets and how to get the most out of Excel's features (e.g. conditional formatting, spark lines, pivot tables, etc.). In my current role, I provide support and training to 15 staff members across multiple countries and timezones on all areas of M&E. Data analysis has long been a skill that I've struggled to teach others, especially in a virtual format. After taking Ann's course I learned some cool new skills for myself, but better yet I learned how to walk others through an analysis project from start to finish -- from how to setup a spreadsheet, to data cleaning and recoding, to summarizing data with formulas, comparing variables with pivot tables, and finally how to present and share analyses. Ann's simple step-by-step approach has been tremendously useful in my work with others and I will continue to draw on what I learned for years to come. Thank you Ann!"

- Mia Schmid-Velasco, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, Namati

"I am a university researcher and have a lot of familiarity with data collection and statistical analysis programs/platforms (e.g. SPSS, SAS, etc.), but needed a low-cost, widely-used data collection and analysis tool I could recommend and teach to the community partners with whom I conduct research. I have known for a long time that Excel was likely the solution to my problem, but could never find time to learn to use it, except in the most basic ways (sort, sum). Last summer, I took Ann Emery's Simple Spreadsheets course and dramatically improved my Excel acuity. *Plus* the course was fun, straightforward, and immediately useful. Having the modules available for a year meant that I could make up sessions I missed, and revisit material on which I needed refreshers. This course was more than worth the time and money I put into it, and I continue to learn and benefit from it (almost a year later). I highly recommend this course!"

- Sarah V. Suiter, Vanderbilt University

"I’ve known Ann for 10 years and in that time I’ve learned a lot from her. Her vision for turning text into something that a lay person would understand, visually, has been a life-saver. She has creative ideas that many organizations can turn into real world application. I’ve valued the trainings I’ve received from her and continue to learn new things in each class."

- Joyce Shelton, Senior Child Welfare and Education Operations Specialist, ICF

"Ann's course will be a real timesaver for independent evaluators, non-profits and public agencies alike! The logically organized videos show you step-by-step hacks and best practices for organizing and cleaning datasets. It covers all the tricks you wish you learned in grad school. I also appreciated Ann's encouraging demeanor and generosity in taking time to answer my questions. If you want to improve your data cleaning/management knowledge, invest in this course! Knowing how to use conditional formatting to create data bars and highlight duplications in my large dataset has saved me tons of time. Thanks Ann!"

- Robin Kipke, Evaluation Associate, University of California, Davis

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
Indefinitely. I used to limit access to just 12 months. I wanted to encourage you to get in here and learn with me, but instead it just stressed you out, so I'm not cutting off your access anymore.
Can't I just find this information on the internet or in books?!
Sure. It took me a decade to teach myself all these tricks. I took classes. I checked out books from the library. I searched through hundreds of (really bad) videos. I took classes. I learned the hard way so you don't have to. This course is a shortcut. I'll teach you what it took me a decade to learn on my own.
Can I get the same information from your blog?
No. I freshly-recorded 150 lessons just for this course. I used to post tutorials on YouTube, but that was back in 2012, and I posted the videos as the mood struck me, not in a logical, cohesive course.
What makes this course's focus unique?
The vast majority of Excel courses are taught by people with finance and accounting backgrounds. If you're working on Wall Street, then this course isn't for you. This course is designed for people in applied research and program evaluation settings. Want to know whether your program, policy, or initiative is effective? These are the formulas you need to know--and the order you need to learn them.
What if I have questions about my individual dataset?
Join the live Office Hours sessions, which are held twice a month. If you can't make the live sessions, you can submit questions in advance, and then watch the recording later to see how I addressed your question.
How did you choose which skills to include?
I teach skills in a verrrrry intentional sequence, from merging datasets together... to cleaning data... to exploratory visualizations... to calculating summary statistics... to graphing key patterns. In other courses I've taken, the instructors just cover a random set of skills with no cohesion between them. I've always felt lost and frustrated in those settings. I carefully crafted this syllabus just for you.
I need help figuring out what to do first, second, and third in my dataset. Can you help with that?
We start with the basics--just one formula or technique per video. Then, we go through "Putting It All Together" skills, in which we'll approach a real-life dataset from start to finish. The lessons are easy at first, and then we put the skills together in increasingly advanced ways. You'll master the basics first so that you'll be ready to roll later on. But wait, there's more! There's also some bonus content on data visualization.
I took some data analysis and research methods back in grad school, but I need a refresher. Is this course right for me?
YES. I designed this course with YOU in mind. You probably learned about concepts like data cleaning back in college or in graduate school. We'll spend an entire week on data cleaning strategies so that you have a refresher on the critical thinking skills AND practical how-to lessons.
I learned SPSS/STATA/SAS/Mplus in school but now I only have access to Excel. Is this course right for me?
YES. I designed this course with YOU in mind. I learned SPSS and STATA as a college student, and I taught myself SAS during my honors thesis and while working in research labs. We touched on SPSS in my graduate program too. Then, I left academia and went into the real world. I worked for a huge consulting firm with a huge budget. Despite the huge budget, we didn't have SPSS! It was deemed too expensive. We were expected to learn Excel on our own and adapt, fast! I checked out books from the library, took seminars, and learned everything I could from coworkers. It was a long, arduous process. There was no one to guide me along the way. This is the course I wish I could've taken! This course is your fast track to transitioning from other programs into Excel.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
I know you're a perfectionist and always update your courses.
Yes, and you'll be grandfathered-in to all future updates to this course.